Vintage Ladies, Vintage Style!

Here's my monthly gallery of awesome ladies, all strutting their stuff and using the hashtag #vintageladyvintagestyle. Sadly, not enough ladies used the hashtag to give me much choice, so it's only four wonderful specimens of awesomeness this month. So, please do spread the word and let's get our Positive Ageing message out across Instagram & to the whole world.

This bevy of beauties are aged between 50 something to 70 something. I hope they inspire you to join in and look forward to ageing instead of dreading it!

Top, from left to right: The Silver Stylist (she inspired my hair!) & Nikki Redcliffe, another new friend I met on a shoot recently. 

Bottom, from left to right: Not Dead Yet Style, and Miss Ziggy Shortcrust.

And, while I have your attention, Not Dead Yet Style also features her partner on Instagram, so I was thinking it might be nice next month to include a couple of men, if they don't mind being under the #vintageladyvintagestyle umbrella!  What do you think?

As ever, I would love to hear from you, take care.