A quinoa mushroom risotto.

This is a recipe I put up on Instagram last week, so if you aren't on there yet, here it is for you. (And come & join me there so you don't miss anything!) I have taken a recipe from Quinola Mother Grain, who are the kind folk who keep me stocked up in quinoa, and have turned it into a vegan/vegetarian version which is more nutritious but just as tasty as a rice risotto.  And it's much easier & quicker to make!

Red quinoa. shitake & chestnut mushrooms. Avocado. What could be healthier!

Red quinoa. shitake & chestnut mushrooms. Avocado. What could be healthier!


I cup of quinoa: (the red is nuttier & really suitable for a risotto type dish) very high in protein

3 cups of water

2 chopped red onions

3 tablespoons of diary-free cream

I tablespoon of organic olive oil

I dessert spoon of honey

1 tablespoon of marsala or red wine (I added marsala at the last minute to add a bit of zing and it really made the whole dish taste like a real risotto).

Vegetarian parmesan (I found a wonderful one in Byron Bay made from cashew by Extraordinary Foods, it tastes just like the real thing, without the animal unfriendly rennet) I am doing a freebie sample soon, so watch out for news on this.

300 grams of sliced shitake & chestnut or oyster mushrooms: the benefits of shitake are well known for their immune boosting properties, but did you know that if you pop your mushrooms outside in the sun for 15 minutes they go into over drive to produce more vitamin D for you?

Sunbathing shitakes & oyster mushrooms for extra Vitamin D.

Sunbathing shitakes & oyster mushrooms for extra Vitamin D.


Simmer the quinoa in the 3 cups of water for approximately 14 minutes

Fry the onions and mushrooms till brown, in a good olive oil

Lower the heat & dd the dairy-free cream and honey and continue to simmer for at least 5 minutes, season to taste.

Add a good splash of marsala or red wine at the end

Serve with added veggie parmesan, a side salad with avocado, or grated raw veg, or even baked peppers for even more antioxidants, and a sprinkle of coriander or parsley.

And there you are, a really quick, healthy dish that will surprise you with its deliciousness. All completely wheat free, gluten free & dairy free. I made it with burgers for a meat eating friend and he absolutely loved it. But it wasn't pretty enough to photograph!

Let me know if you try it and like it and if you want any more mushroom based dishes, there's a lovely Asian curry here which you can easily convert to a vegan dish.

See you soon and have a lovely week,





50's style jeans & Dr Martens!

These are my favourite summer jeans. Found in Napier in NZ, during a cool snap, from a great funky vintage style shop called Two Lippy Ladies, imagine my shock when I discovered they had come all the way from the UK, from Hell Bunny, an on-line retro store. Talk about coals to Newcastle! But they were still a reasonable price (about £50) but, sadly, I can't see them on their site at the moment. 

I wore these 50s style cropped jeans in NZ with my favourite travelling Skechers trainers,  a pre-loved Australian top and my usual headscarf and vintage sunnies.

Back at home in the UK,  I've worn them with another pre-loved retro top,, one of my very favourite shirts that you must have seen before, and styled it up with other old stuff: a headscarf, vintage sunnies, jewellery and best of all my matching Dr Martens, bought last year.(they have a sale of similar shoes on-line). You're never too old for DMs!  Pop on a Toast cardi, and you've got a comfortable, funky outfit that will take you anywhere, whatever the temperature!  Hope you like.

(Someone hadn't done the weeding when these photos were taken!)

Hope this little look into my casual summer wardrobe has given you some ideas. And I look forward to your comments!

See you soon,

A fashion shoot with a difference.

it's not often that women between 54 and 74 are invited to appear in a national newspaper as "four stylish Instagrammers"  (IF it gets published!).  So I thought you might like to have a behind-the-scenes look at what we got up to on a thoroughly enjoyable day out in London town. All the photos were taken with various i-phones so are not the best quality, but the lighting was fabulously kind to us all & we had a ball.

On Instagram from left to right: Me in my civvies, Laurie of Vanity & Me, Terrina, & Nicki Redcliffe. 

On Instagram from left to right: Me in my civvies, Laurie of Vanity & Me, Terrina, & Nicki Redcliffe. 

Having worked in TV for so long, and being the most impatient person in the world, when it comes to having my make up & hair done, I wasn't looking forward to that bit at all.  But Colette, the make up lady, and I bonded so well (she's also a nutritionist) that it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and I just loved my 50s style hair do & make up. 

The fun started with choosing the clothes with lovely stylist Millie.  You know how much I enjoy dressing up so I was in my absolute element trying on all the shoes on offer!  I was particularly taken with the pink ones above from Russell & Bromley, and they were comfortable.


Because of my wonderful relationship with East Clothing, I was more than delighted to wear, for my first outfit, one of their pretty summer dresses, the Spot Pleat Print Dress.  And being the lovely people they are, they're offering you the chance to WIN this pretty number, and send it, in your size, to anywhere in the world.  All you need to do is go to Instagram, Like the photo of me wearing it on: Alternative Ageing and East,  Re-post it, and Tag us both & anyone else you know who might like to get a free dress for summer.  Just to make absolutely sure we find you, add #eastclothing in your comments. All the information is here on Instagram. Deadline is May 31st, 2017. We will then randomly pick a winner & announce it early in June. Good luck!

Meanwhile, here are some more photos of the dress styled up for the shoot with my Boden cashmere cropped cardigan, wedges, 50s hairstyle, and vintage accessories.

Sadly, I didn't get so many photos of the second outfit: a gorgeous retro Flora jumpsuit from Phase Eight.  It's navy, which seems to suit me so much better than black nowadays, and I think it looks really cool, especially with my headscarf and those amazing pink shoes!

Finally, it was so wonderful to meet three other like-minded women, all doing their thing and enjoying new found success representing the Over 50 market. We are spreading the positive ageing message far and wide by strutting our stuff and, hopefully, inspiring anyone of any age to grow old stylishly and certainly not invisibly!

Looking forward to seeing you on Instagram!

Take care,




Vintage Ladies, Vintage Style!

Here's my monthly gallery of awesome ladies, all strutting their stuff and using the hashtag #vintageladyvintagestyle. Sadly, not enough ladies used the hashtag to give me much choice, so it's only four wonderful specimens of awesomeness this month. So, please do spread the word and let's get our Positive Ageing message out across Instagram & to the whole world.

This bevy of beauties are aged between 50 something to 70 something. I hope they inspire you to join in and look forward to ageing instead of dreading it!

Top, from left to right: The Silver Stylist (she inspired my hair!) & Nikki Redcliffe, another new friend I met on a shoot recently. 

Bottom, from left to right: Not Dead Yet Style, and Miss Ziggy Shortcrust.

And, while I have your attention, Not Dead Yet Style also features her partner on Instagram, so I was thinking it might be nice next month to include a couple of men, if they don't mind being under the #vintageladyvintagestyle umbrella!  What do you think?

As ever, I would love to hear from you, take care.