Vintage Ladies, Vintage Style.

Vintage Ladies, Vintage Style.

This blog is not just about me. I also love featuring my stylish Instagram friends as a sort of homage to a category I used to have on here called, I Like Your Style. Now we have nearly two thousand posts on Instagram who have used the hashtag #vintageladyvintagestyle. Wow! Thank you.  So, here are my favs from March/April……..

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Vintage Ladies, Vintage Style!

Vintage Ladies, Vintage Style!

Here's my monthly gallery of awesome ladies, all strutting their stuff and using the hashtag #vintageladyvintagestyle. Sadly, not enough ladies used the hashtag to give me much choice, so it's only four wonderful specimens of awesomeness this month. So, please do spread the word and let's get our Positive Ageing message out across Instagram & to the whole world.

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Vintage ladies, vintage style!

Vintage ladies, vintage style!

My hashtag is taking off!  A big thank you to anyone using #vintageladyvintagestyle on social media, we're slowly spreading the word that we may be over a certain age but we are certainly not over the hill, or invisible.  Please keep the message going around the world, we have much work to do!

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My very own first hashtag has started to have the desired effect!  Thank you all you lovely ladies who have started to post yourselves on Instagram, or elsewhere, wearing what makes you look & feel great, preferably in vintage or retro.  

I now have enough photos tagged #vintageladyvintagestyle to show you my favourite 6 so please continue to use the hashtag and tell your friends to as well.  The quirkier the better.  Let's give Advanced Style a run for his money!  I need more of you to show the world how wonderful we can all look Well Over 40 and beyond. Here are the best six, photographically and style-wise.  And thank you.

The Instagram links to the sexy six are below the photos.

In photographic order:

 Janice Issitt

Estelle Pemberton

Mrs Maya Plays

Jan Wild

Peg Burke

Ana Babaian

These ladies are so interesting, for all sorts of reasons: talented, stylish and individual while refusing to lie down & become invisible.  I salute you my first gang of six and look forward to more and more of you joining #vintageladyvintagestyle. You don't have to be vintage or wear vintage, but one or other helps!



I like your style - UK folk.

I love going out and about taking photos of anyone over 45 who is looking stylish, individual & just plain interesting.  So here are a few of the folk I've enjoyed photographing in London, Brighton & Chichester.  A couple of them are under 45 but wearing vintage, my favourite style.  But everyone else is over 45, over 50 and some are over 60!  What I love about them is that they all have their own individual style, wear lots of colour and aren't afraid of looking different or eccentric.

None of them look like mutton dressed as lamb, I'm sure you'll agree, and they certainly don't look old & drab.

Enjoy and please send me a photo if you'd like to be featured!


Oooh, I love this time of the year.  The humidity dies down a little, the rains come and the air temperature resembles a good English Summer's Day - emphasis on good - especially in the mornings!  

So, I have been out and about, sometimes with my DSLR & sometimes just with my i-Phone 6 (let me know if you can spot the difference) accosting the locals at the various wonderful markets we have here: Byron's Farmers Market and Bangalow Market are where I met these happy folk.

The reason I have photographed these complete strangers is because every single one of them is 50+, they love colour, are in great shape (just look at the womens' legs!) and certainly inspire me to carry on swimming, walking & cycling every single day!  OK the sun shines all the time and it's always warm, but surely we can follow suit, wherever we live, by smiling more, eating locally & healthily, exercising daily & wearing colour - whatever the weather!


So, I have barely been back a week in my beloved Byron Bay and it's my best mate's belated 60th and her husband's 70th birthday party out in the hinterland (Janine & Trevor Smith).  Here are just a few pix of their colourful party guests, every single one of us Over 50 or Over 60 & even Over 70.  What a handsome gang all dressed up in 50s, 60s, & 70s gear for the occasion. We oldies sure know how to party!

Yes that is me above, staggering along with a glass of bubbly in hand!

Hope you are liking our style!

TOKYO fashionistas - old & young!

Japanese women are the friendliest and easiest people to photograph in the street.  They are so welcoming and happy to have their picture taken it was an absolute joy to wander around the streets in March trying to get used to my new camera.  I know this page is supposed to be featuring the over50s, but the youngsters look so amazing they deserve to be featured.

And what style....whether dressed in their traditional kimonos, dressed as French maids in Electric Town or in Western clothes, young or old they look so amazing.  I hope you agree.

Suzi x