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I started this blog, in late 2014, to write about and share all the things I love and have experience of: health & nutrition, fashion & style, and travel & lifestyle, for the Over50s.  You'll find plenty of top tips on how to look stylish on a budget, video tutorials, health articles & easy recipes for looking good and feeling great, whatever your age. I call it Positive Ageing, not Anti Ageing, and it's never too early to start!

It’s become fashionable to be grey & over 60…….. great news for me as I am now in my mid - OMG nearly late 60s - and have gone back to my roots.  I no longer feel invisible, as I did at 50, and nor should you, so I want to share with you all I've learned over the years so you too can grab life by the balls and enjoy it as much as I do! Let's get that #positiveageing message spread far and wide.

My misson: to help women embrace ageing by staying relevant, visible, healthy & stylish!

My misson: to help women embrace ageing by staying relevant, visible, healthy & stylish!


Great post, and fabulous outfits, as usual! If I saw you, I'd come over and talk about clothes (and sunglasses!)! Such a good idea, going out and having the fun you want to have, on your own. You're an inspiration! Beth

 Suzi, I want you to know that, apart from your blog being informative and interesting it also serves another purpose.  I’m a single mum, financially strapped as many of us are, so don’t have the capacity to see a Nutritionist.  However I know how important nutrition is and how much those needs change as I change (hello menopause).   So, having someone with your knowledge share information and recipes is fantastic!  Thank you so much. Leslee.

Loved this post! Thank you for sharing. Very entertaining. The whole thing was a pleasure to read but I burst out laughing at some of the Top Ten Tips! A gem. You rock. Chris


I was a chain smoking, hard drinking reporter/presenter in TV & Radio for most of my working life: TVam, Sky News, & BBC Radio 4, to name but three.  But when my mum died of a heart attack at the age of 63, I decided to take stock of my own health and trained as a nutritionist. That was nearly 20 years ago. 

Apart from treating hundreds of patients, whilst I practised as a nutritionist, I have also written three books, including Alternative Ageing, which has just been re-published, revised and updated. Click here. I also studied for a Masters Degree in 'The Body: Eastern/Western Perspectives, and continue to write, broadcast and speak at conferences as an ageing expert (more on this page).


I live in Brighton by the sea with my fur baby, Jack, my naughty poodle/jack russell cross. I love music, festivals, dressing up, & photography and am convinced that running this blog, and continuing to do all of the above, will help prevent my brain from deteriorating. Oh and I used to have bright red/orange hair!

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Hope you enjoy my blog & please get in touch if you have any questions or any feedback. I love your comments and always answer.