Alternative Ageing

I’ve updated Alternative Ageing to give you even more energy and vitality. Inside the new handbag sized paperback you'll discover:

What foods to eat and avoid
How to keep your skin glowing
How to naturally boost your hormones
Easy fitness exercises
Simple stress busters
An average alternative-ageing day

Plus latest research on fasting and why it’s so important for ageing healthily and living longer.

Follow the tips in Alternative Ageing and you'll soon discover a new you who looks and feels great and runs rings around your children - and even grandchildren!

It's time to feel young all over again.


The Weekend Weight-Loss Plan

2 days preparation, 14-day plan, amazing results
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This is a weight-loss guide with a difference. Take just 48 hours to follow top nutrition coach Suzi Grant’s preparation techniques and make the miraculous discovery that dieting really can work, and that it can make you feel fabulous too.

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48 Hours - To A Healthier Life

Published by Michael Joseph, Penguin, priced £6.99

It’a a detox plan that is simple, cheap and will leave you feeling fitter, thinner and happier about yourself than an expensive weekend away at a health spa.

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