Alternative Ageing

The natural way to hold back the years.
Published by Michael Joseph, Penguin, £14.99

Women today are discovering, and inventing, a new way of being middle aged. There will be no blue rinse and sensible shoes for us. We want to stay healthy, feel and look younger than our biological age – naturally – and find the perfect work/life balance along the way.


The Weekend Weight-Loss Plan

2 days preparation, 14-day plan, amazing results
Published by Michael Joseph, Penguin, priced £7.99

This is a weight-loss guide with a difference. Take just 48 hours to follow top nutrition coach Suzi Grant’s preparation techniques and make the miraculous discovery that dieting really can work, and that it can make you feel fabulous too.

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48 Hours - To A Healthier Life

Published by Michael Joseph, Penguin, priced £6.99

It’a a detox plan that is simple, cheap and will leave you feeling fitter, thinner and happier about yourself than an expensive weekend away at a health spa.

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