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A little High Street Shopping for Spring.

Here I am jumping for joy because it felt like Spring........and then the snow came!  Those of you who've known me for a while know that for the last few winters I have been able to escape to Byron Bay to avoid the worst of the English weather. This year, sod's law, I stayed here, apart from three amazing weeks in India, and realised that I may have the best vintage coats in the world but absolutely no warm clothes to wear underneath...........

Vintage lady, vintage style!

I love vintage style and I'm also a vintage lady, so a couple of years ago I started a hashtag on Instagram called #vintageladyvintagestyle 'cause I wanted anyone at any age to join in and show their gorgeous outfits off, vintage or non-vintage, especially if they're Over 50 and no longer feeling invisible! But I need to recruit some new members as there just aren't enough of us out there strutting our stuff..............

What I wore in India on a train trip around Rajasthan.

I was lucky enough to spend the most amazing three weeks traveling around India, straight after Christmas, spending a couple of days in Mumbai, eight days on the Maharajas Express visiting all the usual suspects in Rajasthan, a few days in Delhi and then a much needed week of R & R in Goa. It was awesome, the trip of a lifetime.......

Vintage Shopping in Brighton

I was thrilled to pieces to spend the day with one of my favourite bloggers, Sara Delaney, Notes from a Stylist,  mooching around Brighton sharing my love of all things vintage. Oh, and did I mention she's also one of the best photographers I know so was an absolute delight to pose for.  And you know how I love to pose!

My mini-break in Ibiza.

I haven't been to Ibiza since the late 70's, because my parents lived in Majorca, right next door.  So, in need of sun, sea, and siestas, I booked myself in for a 5-day mini-break in September, to see if I still liked The White Island, thinking it would be off-season.  It wasn't.  It was still busy and pricey BUT I have never eaten such healthy & delicious food, the weather was perfect, and, frankly, the Island ticked nearly every box for this fussy traveler. I had one of my best solo mini-breaks ever!