A ten quid vintage skirt dressed up to brighten up a dull day!

You know by now how much I love up-cycling, digging around for vintage or retro pieces and generally just "dressing up!".

This is the ridiculously cheap skirt I found in Trash, Byron Bay.  I couldn't resist it because of the colours. Here's how I tarted it up with accessories so I could wear it for smart or casual. And here's the best bit - no one else will have one like it - which is why I am such a huge fan of searching out vintage pieces.

See below for details. Photos by Harriet Jackman.

Vintage sunglasses frames from Fabulous Fanny's in NYC. Big scarf tied round my head came fromElif Kose in Rottingdean and was in her sample bin! The vintage shirt was another bargain fromTrash in Byron Bay. The belt's from Vivien of Holloway for £15.  The cashmere cardigan from Bodenis my only big purchase (there are some great ones on sale now for £62.50) but it goes with everything so gets a lot of wear. The sandals are a couple of years old and came from FitFlop.  And finally, the bangle was found in a great vintage shop in Chichester for a couple of quid. I really must start making notes of where I go rummaging!

Total cost of my "new" outfit: well under £200 and everything mixes and matches with at least four other looks. I could have spent that on just the skirt!

Happy shopping, it needn't cost a fortune for a whole new look!