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Should I Eat MEAT?

Should I Eat MEAT?

Should I eat meat?

I was on Jeni Barnett’s programme, on BBC Radio Sussex earlier this week discussing the pros and cons of eating meat.  Along with Sue, from the Vegetarian Society,  we preceded the excellent and balanced BBC Horizon two part programme, Should I Eat Meat, that started on Monday night.

My take?  I made a personal decision to stop eating mammals:  beef, lamb and pork etc., over 6 months ago.  But I still eat free range chicken, organic where possible, and basically anything I would be prepared to hunt or gather if I still lived in the wild!


As a nutritionist, I have come across more unhealthy vegans and vegetarians than I have had hot burgers.  Mostly because so many don’t know how to get complete protein from their meals: i.e:  you need to mix  grains with  pulses for a complete protein meal….. as in beans on toast,  or houmos and pitta bread.  So many patients I saw were living on a diet of crisps,  bread and pasta that  I had to beg them to try a little fish or chicken to get some complete protein into them!  However for many, and I include myself for 80% of the time, a balanced, nutritious vegetarian or vegan diet can do wonders for your health and longevity.


In the light of the wonderful Dr. Michael Mosley’s research and trial for the programme,  “Should I Eat Meat?”,  it seems quite evident that IF you like your meat, by all means go ahead and eat it…..but not in huge amounts nor every day.   I would add that once or twice a week is plenty for the sake of your health and the planet, and think meat and 6 veg instead of meat and 2 veg!  Keep sausages, bacon and processed meats like salami for an occasional treat not a daily feast and you and our poor planet will lead a longer, healthier life!

Whether you are concerned about your health or the future of the planet, eating meat is very much a personal choice,  In the words of Dr. Mosley, “Meat is on trial, but you are the jurors.”

Guilt Free, Chocolate Mousse

Guilt Free, Chocolate Mousse