I meet a local fashion designer.

 Galit of massuri with her current range of beautiful dresses

Galit of massuri with her current range of beautiful dresses

Meeting a talented Byron Bay designer all started with these trousers!  I needed something for cooler weather, but not necessarily cold weather, when I arrived in Sydney three months ago. And, lucky for me, I found these in a 50% off sale by the trendy Aussie Tiger Lily brand. Then it was the big hunt for a top to go with them. Nothing I brought from the UK really worked and I wanted something as crazily patterned as these bad boys.  Enter a little beach market in Byron........... 

.....there I found Galit Massuri and her gorgeous Massuri dresses AND a top that I knew instinctively would be a great pattern mach for the baggy trousers. I rushed home, got the pants, rushed back and the rest, as they say, is history......
 Galit massuri. fashion designer

Galit massuri. fashion designer

I couldn't believe how well the clash clash pattern went with the trousers, they were a match made in heaven! And with my vintage sunnies from NYC, headscarf gifted to me by Age of Reason Studios, in Brighton, and a vintage necklace made in Byron by Ghost & Lola, I am thrilled to be dressing up the pants with a top & all the accessories produced by independent, eco-minded makers.

Even better, the Massuri top also goes brilliantly with my denim Boden shorts, dressed up with my pre-loved, vintage boots from Trash, Byron Bay, another pair of vintage sunnies (gifted) & $5 vintage bangles & old necklace. Oooh, I do feel good not having had to buy anything brand new to complete this "new" outfit! 

What I loved about Galit's clothes that day at that market, was the quality of the natural fabrics, the competitive prices (the top was $69) and the fact that all her clothes are hand made by her from beautiful remnant fabrics from all over the world, and that she's using solar power in the clothes production.  And, she's a Byron Bay independent!

So when I received an invitation to go and play dress up in the Massuri studio, and have a rummage through her gorgeous fabrics, it was a no brainer!

 galit massuri in her studio.

galit massuri in her studio.

Galit has been sewing since she was fifteen and considers that designing dresses is all about the fabric, the fit, and that real women feel comfortable in them. It's not just about the fashion. All the fabrics are pure cottons and silks that she has sourced in Israel, Thailand & other parts of Asia, including Japanese cotton which is the most amazing quality.  The choice of patterns and colours left me like a kid in a sweet shop.

All Gallit's Massuri dresses are named after 40's film stars, which is just awesome for a vintage lover! 

This one is called Dorothy (Lamour) and you can find it, or a similar one, on-line , or in selected stores, from $169.

Unusually, Galit is one of a dying breed of clothes designers who actually still cuts her patterns out on cardboard and not computer like the majority of manufacturers nowadays.

This dress is called Claudette (Colbert) & you can find it on-line, or in selected stores from $219.

The best part of the afternoon, for me, was being gifted one of these unique Massuri dresses. The dress below is the one I finally settled on because the length, fit and cut just looks so elegant and fits my body (and vintage look) beautifully.   And, as a touching bonus, the "square neck" design, which I find so retro, hadn't been given a name at the time so Galit has called it Susan (Hayward) as a nod to me! Thank you Galit, I love it.

The Susan (Hayward) style is available on-line, & in selected stores, from $199.

Apart from these hand-made dresses being affordable, unique and cut to fit real women with curves, they are also Limited Editions, so this one is only one of four made.  Not much chance of bumping into someone in the same dress in the UK then!

What a delightful time I had with Galit Massuri and I am so pleased to have found someone who cares so much about the quality of her brand and the way it's produced.  I hope she has a very successful and long career and, in the meantime, if you need a special hand-made dress for under $250 you know where to come! And she ships to all over the world.

Let me know if you have an independent fashion designer near you who you support or if you own a Massuri dress. I would love to hear from you.