Meet Jack, my jack russell/poodle dog.

 10 year old Jack, surveying his beach. His pet-friendly blanket is a huge success.

10 year old Jack, surveying his beach. His pet-friendly blanket is a huge success.

I don't know why I haven't done a blog post featuring my fur baby but I had the perfect excuse this week to take some photos of him after Scandisysters (an awesome collective of creative Swedish women) very kindly sent me this gorgeous, faux fur, weather proof rug for him to rest his weary paws on.  Made by Monimo of Sweden, the blanket is waterproof, wind proof, and washable and Jack just loves it - especially on the beach. 

For all you photographers out there, how hard is it shooting a black animal on a cream rug! And as for never working with children or animals...... Jack was just brilliant and sat and lay down on my command without a treat in sight.  What a good dog! 

Being half poodle, Jack is very intelligent, vocal and clingy.  He adores humans and most dogs, but not all, is a brilliant ratter and enjoys swimming.  Now he's 10, he's slowing down a bit and can't do somersaults on the beach anymore because of arthritis in his back leg. But he keeps me fit, gets me off the computer and is the light of my life! Especially when he's asleep!


I am proud to be an Ambassador for Scandisysters as I love to support a group of women who are creative makers of such beautiful products.  One of those women is Johanna Tibell-Gartz, who designed Jack's beautiful rug.  She started Monimo, as a hobby, during her maternity leave with her first child.  Now it's nearly a full time job and she's busy designing all sorts of amazing faux fur products to keep us warm this coming winter.  

So, which photograph is your favourite?  Do you photograph your dog?  

As ever, I love your comments and ALWAYS answer! And Catherine, at Not Dressed as Lamb, this one's for you as a fellow dog lover. x

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