Goodwood Revival, 2017.

 Holding onto my hat in the rain & winds.  50s dress by  Love Your Look Clothing. 

Holding onto my hat in the rain & winds.  50s dress by Love Your Look Clothing. 

We were unlucky, for my first Goodwood Revival, torrential rain showers, wind & mud on the first day of this famous 3 day Festival!  Everyone dresses in vintage for this important date in the calendar - some wisely put carrier bags around their vintage shoes!  So glad I took my 50s coat and wore little pink socks to keep my footsies warm.  As for my hair, the gorgeous housewife curls I had done especially for the day, drooped within a couple of hours!

However, a private lunch with champagne, hosted by Emporium Revival, the fashion side of this vintage motor racing event, more than made up for the damp squid start to our day. Such a lovely gathering of bloggers & vintage girls.

Thank you to Laura, from Goodwood Revival, for the lovely lunch. So good to meet you all. Great to be in the War Rooms, surrounded by such nostalgia from the decor to the tunnels leading to the loos.

 Love the way everything at Goodwood Revial,  from the loos to the tunnels, has a War theme!

Love the way everything at Goodwood Revial,  from the loos to the tunnels, has a War theme!

And if you're a petrol head, you will be thrilled by the sight of vintage cars just everywhere. Even I, who am not at all interested in the motor racing side of this festival, oohed and aahed at the beautiful motors around every corner.  

 Lovely vintage car at Goodwood Revival. Just look at that sky! 

Lovely vintage car at Goodwood Revival. Just look at that sky! 

You know how much I love my retro & vintage fashion so the Emporium Revival shows were an absolute must. Make sure to get a ticket if you're going to Goodwood Revival, they're really cheap and the shows are fab - and you get to stay dry!

Then it was shopping time!  There are dozens and dozens of vintage stalls selling everything from memorabilia to retro clothes, but the constant rain and huge umbrellas made it really hard to move through the crowds. And, it was really expensive. So not a lot of shopping or photography was done. I just loved these vintage suitcases. Fortunately, we travelled by train so no chance of bringing them home.

But, of course, the best part of Goodwood Revival, for me, is seeing what everyone's wearing for the day.  I managed to grab a few very stylish folks to photograph and even met a couple of retro bikers - anything retro seems to be the name of the game & I really envied their weather proof gear!

Finally, I went off to do a little film for Goodwood Revival, and get some shots of my outfit, thanks to cameraman Ash. I had to hold on to my hat throughout the shoot! Details of clothes below.


SO glad I took my coat. Albeit a creased coat!  I found this at the Vintage Fair at The Dome, in Brighton, a few years ago.  It was absolutely perfect for my 50s green & pink theme. The shoes were found in The St. Wilfred's Retro & Vintage shop in Chichester, for £8!! The little pink socks kept my feet warm and added a little of the 50s vibe, and my hat (not a clue where I found this fascinator) added a little style, difficult with mud all over me. Now to the dress........

My dress is from Love Your Look Clothing, a great line of 50s dresses in great colours & fabric and an excellent fit. And they all have in-built petticoats. I only wish I had done this dress more justice with my 50s housewife curls staying put!

So that was my day at Goodwood Revival.  The weather didn't help anyone who had dressed up in vintage for the day and more than once I wished I was in jeans, wellies & my waterproof parka.  Huge umbrellas are a nightmare in a very crowded place, so take a waterproof mac with a hood to throw over your outfit. Much easier. And something to cover your shoes!

However, the rest of the weekend, for this three-day event, saw the sun come out and the rain stay away so I am sure it was fabulous with all the open-air bars and cafes to sit at and watch the vintage fashion walk by. Just go prepared! 

Despite all, I am so glad I went to see all the vintage cars, clothes & retro experiences around every corner.  It's probably one of the most famous Vintage Festivals in the world and I have wanted to go for ages - so that's one more ticked off the bucket list.

If you want to read more on other events I've attended at Goodwood, here's another one I went to this year, involving dressing up & dancing! Click here. 

Here's the little video made for Revival Emporium.  Enjoy and note the close up of my muddy shoes!

Have you ever been to Goodwood Revival?  I would love to hear from you if you have. And if you want any more on vintage fashion, have a look here in the new Fashion & Styling category. 

See you very soon, it's the time of the year for me to work harder and produce more blogs for your entertainment & inspiration!