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My mini-break in Ibiza.

My mini-break in Ibiza.

I haven't been to Ibiza since the late 70's, because my parents lived in Majorca, right next door.  So, in need of sun, sea, and siestas, I booked myself in for a 5-day mini-break in September, to see if I still liked The White Island, thinking it would be off-season.  It wasn't.  It was still busy and pricey BUT I have never eaten such healthy & delicious food, the weather was perfect, and, frankly, the Island ticked nearly every box for this fussy traveler. I had one of my best solo mini-breaks ever!  

Outside the Aguas de Ibiza Hotel, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.

Outside the Aguas de Ibiza Hotel, Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.

TICK 1: The hotel: Aguas de Ibiza Lifestyle & Spa. Pricey in high season, 'cause it's a 5*,  but not the priciest and let's face it..... ALL the hotels on Ibiza are really expensive in September! (Top tip, go in October or March)  However, you get what you pay for and I have to say this hotel was one of the best I have ever had the pleasure to stay in, (No freebies or upgrades involved, so I am speaking as a truly independent guest.) and it totally surpassed my expectations.

The staff are incredibly friendly & helpful, dressed in white Ibizan designer clothes. I was given a glass of Cava the minute I checked in after the journey from hell from Gatwick.  Tick!

Breakfast was the best of buffets, with very healthy options, I've seen in a long time so I could skip one daily meal. You'll see my gorgeous room in the video at the end of this blog. There are three swimming pools, including one on the roof that's for adults only. Tick!

And it has one of the best spas ever: I had a hammam steam every single day,  got massaged in the Feng Shui pool by water jets every day & used the gym, not every day. Big tick!

Oh and BBC & ITV on the TV as well as a fantastic wifi connection. Very unusual. These things are important to me when I'm on my own, so 10/10 for my accommodation. And yes, I will stay there again in a heart beat.

The hotel also has one of the best restaurants on the island, on the roof terrace, which I visited on my last night to watch the sun go down, along with a couple of glasses of Cava! The Vi Cool Ibiza, serves amazing tapas, with a modern twist, by Michelin Star Chef Sergi Arolais. They were melt in the mouth delicious and I urge you to go there if you're visiting the Island.  Not silly prices either. 

TICK 2: Santa Eulalia, as a resort. (Pronounced Santa Oolaalia) The ex-pats I know on the Island don't go near the beaches where the tourists stay, much like I don't go near Brighton Beach in August!  But I loved this town: the long promenade, lovely warm sea, boats to other parts of the island, loads of restaurants & cafes, (If you want healthy, Passion do great smoothies & veggie food) beautiful architecture and.....I even found a vintage shop run by an English lady and bought this 50s top for 15 Euros - ridiculously cheap for Ibiza! 

And talking of shopping......

TICK 3: Las Dalia Night Market.  Clothes are really expensive on the Island but you know how much I love a market so visiting the night market at Las Dalias is a big fat tick as it reminded me of Byron Bay full of lovely, hippy chic people & unusual stuff everywhere you look. It's more upmarket than the Es Cana hippy market (which was so crowded the day I went that I just got back on the boat!) and has a great atmosphere at night, with music & food, and unusual, often locally designed, clothes, shoes & accessories. I daren't tell you how much I spent on this tiny little suede bag, but I have been looking for one like this for years!

TICK 4: Go inland for beautiful scenery and to eat more amaaaazing food!  One evening I met a new friend, via blogging, who took me to the stunningly beautiful little town, Santa Gertrudis, in the centre of the island.  We had cava on the roof terrace of the Gatzara Boutique Hotel -  the trendiest hotel imaginable in the middle of the countryside. We then ate at the best raw food I have EVER eaten in my life at Wild Beets.  For a starter I had beetroot gazpacho and my main was macadamia cheese salad. I have never tasted anything so delicious for pretend cheese! (Although I love a plant-based diet, I've never been that keen on raw cuisine.  I am now!)   My friend had Vietnamese Pho and although the photo wasn't pretty enough it tasted fantastic.

Another day I was taken inland to Santa Llorenc de Balafia, deep in the country, by my friend Anna, another Nutritionist. (She went to school in London with my god daughter, so I have known her since she was a kid!) We ate at the very trendy and healthy Paloma a great place for star spotting (Robert de Nero has been seen there) as well as beautiful countryside and beautiful food. Next time I'm hiring a car, for sure. You need one on this little Island for finding places like this. 

TICK 5: The boat trips everywhere you might want to visit go from Santa Eulalia regularly.  I love sitting in the sun with the wind blowing through my hair, soaking up the rays without roasting on the beach like a suckling pig, turning over and over!  And it's easier than driving. So, I visited Es Cana by boat, and left, and visited Ibiza Town for the day. 

Boy the town's changed in 30 years. Tourist heaven with shops such as Mango everywhere, souvenir shops full of tat, two cruise ships dis-gorging hundreds of passengers and grumpy restaurant staff!  A disappointing day, but beautiful in the old part of the town and, apparently, much nicer at night. Just don't go by boat on a stormy day......I felt a tad sick!

So, that's my quick tour around this beautiful gem of an island.  You can probably tell that I just adored my time there and, apart from the prices, it ticked every single box that I mentally go through every time I visit somewhere new.  A sort of "could I live here, spend months here or visit regularly box".  I need to go back again, off season, but, so far,  Ibiza is certainly a big contender for my love of Byron Bay and a whole lot nearer!  And I got to wear all my favourite summer clothes. If you haven't fallen asleep yet, here's a video of What I Wore in Ibiza. Click on photo below.

Let me know if you love Ibiza too and see you soon,  And if you want more travel tips to whet your appetite, head over to the new blog categories in the menu. 

See you soon,









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