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Vintage lady, vintage style!

I love vintage style and I'm also a vintage lady, so a couple of years ago I started a hashtag on Instagram called #vintageladyvintagestyle 'cause I wanted anyone at any age to join in and show their gorgeous outfits off, vintage or non-vintage, especially if they're Over 50 and no longer feeling invisible! But I need to recruit some new members as there just aren't enough of us out there strutting our stuff..............

Being a MOD for the day!

Every August Bank Holiday weekend in Brighton, thousands of parka wearing, scooter riding men & women come to town for Modculture.  For those too young to remember, the Mods & Rockers of the 60's used to meet up (and sometimes fight) here on the South Coast: the former on scooters & the latter on motor bikes. (If you want to know more about that era a great movie to watch is Quadrophenia).