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Vintage lady, vintage style!

I love vintage style and I'm also a vintage lady, so a couple of years ago I started a hashtag on Instagram called #vintageladyvintagestyle 'cause I wanted anyone at any age to join in and show their gorgeous outfits off, vintage or non-vintage, especially if they're Over 50 and no longer feeling invisible! But I need to recruit some new members as there just aren't enough of us out there strutting our stuff..............

Orange is the new black!

You may have seen this jumpsuit on my Instagram feed recently.  I bought it for an absolute song (about $40) at Trash in Byron Bay and, weather permitting, love wearing it in the UK.  One pieces are an absolute pain when you need a wee in a hurry but I am loving this colourful retro look styled up with a pre-loved headscarf & vintage sunnies (both from Trash) and the necklace from Ghost and Lola .