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I've been de-cluttering.........

My main rule was and still is: asking myself if I have worn this item in the last 2 years, does it fit, and do I feel fabulous wearing it? If the answer is no, it gets binned and so an awful lot of clothes went to other homes........

A little High Street Shopping for Spring.

Here I am jumping for joy because it felt like Spring........and then the snow came!  Those of you who've known me for a while know that for the last few winters I have been able to escape to Byron Bay to avoid the worst of the English weather. This year, sod's law, I stayed here, apart from three amazing weeks in India, and realised that I may have the best vintage coats in the world but absolutely no warm clothes to wear underneath...........

Vintage lady, vintage style!

I love vintage style and I'm also a vintage lady, so a couple of years ago I started a hashtag on Instagram called #vintageladyvintagestyle 'cause I wanted anyone at any age to join in and show their gorgeous outfits off, vintage or non-vintage, especially if they're Over 50 and no longer feeling invisible! But I need to recruit some new members as there just aren't enough of us out there strutting our stuff..............

What I wore in India on a train trip around Rajasthan.

I was lucky enough to spend the most amazing three weeks traveling around India, straight after Christmas, spending a couple of days in Mumbai, eight days on the Maharajas Express visiting all the usual suspects in Rajasthan, a few days in Delhi and then a much needed week of R & R in Goa. It was awesome, the trip of a lifetime.......

Vintage Shopping in Brighton

I was thrilled to pieces to spend the day with one of my favourite bloggers, Sara Delaney, Notes from a Stylist,  mooching around Brighton sharing my love of all things vintage. Oh, and did I mention she's also one of the best photographers I know so was an absolute delight to pose for.  And you know how I love to pose!

My mini-break in Ibiza.

I haven't been to Ibiza since the late 70's, because my parents lived in Majorca, right next door.  So, in need of sun, sea, and siestas, I booked myself in for a 5-day mini-break in September, to see if I still liked The White Island, thinking it would be off-season.  It wasn't.  It was still busy and pricey BUT I have never eaten such healthy & delicious food, the weather was perfect, and, frankly, the Island ticked nearly every box for this fussy traveler. I had one of my best solo mini-breaks ever!  

Five style rules to break & five style tips to try.

As summer rolls swiftly towards autumn/fall, I am wearing my shorts as often as possible, no matter what people say I should or shouldn't be wearing.  A woman over 60 wearing shorts???!!! The very thought of it.  Well, I happen to like the sun on my limbs and I want all the Vitamin D I can lap up before Winter emerges. I don't care whether I'm deemed too old to wear something I love, as long as I look in the mirror and feel good about whatever I'm wearing.  Nor should you. So that's one extra style rule (no doubt published somewhere for the Over 50s) that I'm willing to break, wobbly thighs or no wobbly thighs. (And they're wobbly, trust me!)

Orange is the new black!

You may have seen this jumpsuit on my Instagram feed recently.  I bought it for an absolute song (about $40) at Trash in Byron Bay and, weather permitting, love wearing it in the UK.  One pieces are an absolute pain when you need a wee in a hurry but I am loving this colourful retro look styled up with a pre-loved headscarf & vintage sunnies (both from Trash) and the necklace from Ghost and Lola .