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Ratatouille: low cal health on a plate.

My favourite supper for a 5:2 intermittent fast day, is ratatouille.  Hot or cold this yummy meal is easy, peasy and will give you well over your quota of five veg a day!  Packed full of vitamins and minerals this quick meal is perfect for the 5:2 diet at only 250 calories. Halve all the ingredients, apart from the oil,  if you want to make it a 125 calorie meal…

Easy, healthy & quick Recipe.

I caught the end of Gino D'Acampo's Italian Escape the other night, and couldn't wait to try his melanzane alla parmigiana recipe to share with you.  Even dairy-free folks can eat this as the mozzarella is buffalo not cow's milk, and a little good Parmesan is fine as it's easier to digest than other cheeses made from cow's milk. You can click on his recipe above..