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A healthy summer salad that takes 2 minutes!

You probably know by now that I love quinoa and that the kid folk at Quinola Mothergrain are enabling me to feed my addiction with a regular supply of red, black and plain quinoa. I'm not just saying it's the best I've ever eaten 'cause it's free, it really is the nicest quinoa I have ever cooked - and I have done vats of the stuff in the past - and this one never looks like frogs spawn or goes all slimy like so many others do!

How to make baba ganoush/aubergine dip.

I am going to share something you may not know about me!  My mother was Bulgarian and met my Dad in Prague oh so many years ago!  I was born, in London, when she was just 19 and although it was the 50s and olive oil could only be found in pharmacies in those days, she was the most amazing cook and I grew up on the healthiest, Mediterranean-type diet you can imagine.  One of my favourites was what she called "kyopilo", which I assumed was Bulgarian, but I can't find this name anywhere on the net to confirm! (Please let me know if you happen to be Bulgarian).

A quinoa mushroom risotto.

This is a recipe I put up on Instagram last week, so if you aren't on there yet, here it is for you. (And come & join me there so you don't miss anything!) I have taken a recipe from Quinola Mother Grain, who are the kind folk who keep me stocked up in quinoa, and have turned it into a vegan/vegetarian version which is more nutritious but just as tasty as a rice risotto. And it's much easier & quicker to make! See quick video at the end.......and please subscribe to my You Tube Channel I will be doing a video a week come September: recipes, fashion tips, & anything that helps my lovely, loyal audience. Any requests, let me know!

How to enjoy quinoa!

I have always found quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) a bit of a dull grain albeit a highly nutritious and healthy one. But, thanks to the Seasalt Cafe in Clovelly, (my favourite beach) in Sydney recently, I discovered black quinoa which is way more tasty and crunchy than its slightly slimy white cousin! Thank you for the recipe Chef.

Vegan/vegetarian pasta with parmesan.

I don't eat much pasta but when I come across a fresh, handmade, organic ravioli , which also happens to be vegan or vegetarian , I knew I'd found something rather special to put in the freezer for an emergency meal, unexpected guests or even a visiting vegan! I found this delicious pasta at the weekly Byron Bay Farmer's Market recently.  (How I wish we had a market like this at home!) Made by the Byron Gourmet Pasta Company, owner Tom Ahern uses only locally sourced ingredients: the vegan ravioli is made from rocket, macadamia & basil, & the vegetarian option has added ricotta cheese.  Both are completely yum!