My new, pre-loved £24 dress!

 A rare sight, posing without my signature sunnies!

A rare sight, posing without my signature sunnies!

You know how much I love digging around in vintage markets, charity and pre-owned shops, as well as the High Street.  So I just had to share this fabulous dress with you to encourage & hopefully inspire you to scour the markets, search on-line and generally have a good dig around for a true bargain.  I was so happy with this pre-owned dress, from Harlem in Hove,  that I wore it for my birthday lunch (with a vest and short leggings underneath!) and paired it with my very old pink Camper heels & a black cashmere cardi from Boden.  Not my usual vintage look but love it as a party dress - perfect for the run up to Christmas.

Hope you like the shots, all taken by the amazing photographer Lynda Kelly with make up by Fine to Fab Hair & Makeup in Hove. 

Let me know your latest bargain and do share a photo of yourself on social  media using #vintageladyvintagestyle if you'd like to be featured in my next I Like Your Style blog. And I'll be using one of these shots as a new publicity photo, so please tell me your favourite, without the sunglasses.  Thank you. x

See you soon,