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Have a look at how I update my winter wardrobe.

Have a look at how I update my winter wardrobe.

Everyone seemed to love a peak into my summer wardrobe so much that I thought you might enjoy my new video on how I update a lot of my old winter clothes with accessories such as retro gloves, matching sunnies & the odd new headscarf.  All done on a budget, of course! 


Details of some of the bits and pieces are below the video.  Hope you enjoy. 

The info on some of the stuff is below but if there any missing, that's 'cause they were either gifted by friends or found years ago in charity shops, preloved shops or markets and it was long before my blogging days so can't tell you where I got them!  But you can always find headscarves, jewellery and 2nd hand shoes, like the black and white Armani ones, by trawling E-bay, or similar, and your local pre-loved, or charity shops, vintage markets or car boot sales. Happy hunting!

If you need any tips on tying headscarves, here's a link to another video


The lovely shiny jacket I am wearing throughout the video was found at Walk in Wardrobe, and was half price. Bargain at £50. 

The leggings are donkeys years old but they always have similar ones at Zara each year.  I wear them to death in the winter.

The head scarf I am wearing in the link to the video above is my fantastic freebie from Age of Reason Studios, which goes so well with my very old dress/top from River Island, that it's become one of my favourite outfits this season! More pix on my last blog:

The yellow & black blouse was found at Whistles so long ago I can't remember when. This shop has amazing Sales so keep your eye out for one.  The yellow cashmere cardi is from Boden, always great for a cropped 50s style cardigan at reasonable prices.

The black and white top from Australia was from Cue and the yellow and black headscarf from Elif Kose in Rottingdean. 

The kilt skirt is from Vivienne Westwood, the green shawl from Jigsaw, the shoes are Doc Martens, (they have great clearance sales) and the green pre-loved cardi for £24 from Harlem in Hove. 

You can see different photos for most of the above elsewhere on the blog by popping in the brand into the search bar.

Let me know if you have any questions or comments and see you soon.

My new, pre-loved £24 dress!

My new, pre-loved £24 dress!

More headscarf joy!

More headscarf joy!