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Caesar Salad, with Twiglets

Caesar Salad, with Twiglets

Suzi's Caesar Salad: quick, easy & healthy!

This is the sort of dish you can just throw together from stuff in your cupboard & fridge at a moments notice, as long as you have some cooked chicken in the fridge. Here's my Twiglet version, not strictly Paleo or wheat-free but there's so little it won't hurt....and they are Lo Cal:

Cooked chicken pieces


Spinach or salad

Grated parmesan

(You can add slices of boiled eggs etc. if you need more)

Home-made dressing made from: real mayo, raw cider vinegar, olive oil

And my favourite easy addition: I always have Twiglets in the cupboard because they are the most healthy of all the junky snacks out there: wholewheat & no artificial colourings, additives etc.  However they are high in sodium and because of the yeast not suitable for everyone.  And you either love 'em or hate 'em!

 But for me, they were a great, surprise replacement for the essential croutons when I was standing there wondering how I was going to add croutons with neither bread nor ready-made croutons in the house.  I just cut the Twiglets up and added them to the salad and they were an awesome addition! Tried the salad on a friend without telling him, and he loved it!

So there you go, easy and yummy and quick! Let me know if you like.



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