HIGH STREET, with a VINTAGE twist.

You know how much I love vintage and retro, but I do shop on the High Street too and so I thought I would share a few outfits with you, this week and next, that I have worked on to make them look a bit edgy and retro.  A scarf here and a belt there can make all the difference if you want your high street buy to look a bit different and distinctive.

The shirt, believe it or not, is a 70s Vintage from Top Shop in London, bought at least a decade ago and still one of my favourites as well as being a bit of a bargain.  The belt is a 50s elasticated number from Vivien of Holloway the pleather skirt was found last year in Whistles and has been worn to death through autumn, winter, spring and even now as it's still chilly at night, despite being summer, in the good old UK! The sunglasses are original 50s frames with new lenses gifted to me from a very dear friend and the scarf was found in a vintage bin, cheap as chips, in Trash, Byron Bay.  

Isn't it great to get so much wear out of a couple of pieces, worn separately or together, they are a great look.  I hope you agree!

Photography by Harriet Jackman.