OK, I've been shopping again!

Not a pre-loved bargain but such an unusual dress from Karly Sunshine, in Byron Bay, for $130 (about £80) it would have been rude not to!  The necklace was bought in Byron 3 years ago, & the bangle & sunnies are vintage, cheap as chips, and I've had them an age.

The only new addition is the turban I found very recently for about £5!  So not a ridiculously expensive outfit but one that will work very well for dressing up more formally somewhere extremely hot.  

This is a dress I will have for a very long time, or as long as my body holds up in it!

Hope you like the awesome images taken by photographer Suzi Quii.

Sorry about all these "summer" photos.  I'm only here for another six weeks so for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere,  you won't be tortured for too much longer!  Spring is on it's way for you & there's a tiny bit of Autumn on it's way here in Australia. 

Take care and see you soon,