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How to make a quick juice.

How to make a quick juice.

Here's a quick video of what I put in my juice.  This is the recipe that I find easy & quick as well as giving me my five portions of VEG & one portion of fruit a day - at least! This health in a glass will give you a huge boost of nutrients to set you up for the day with minimum natural sugar.  Plus you can also add some extra health benefits by chucking it in a blender and adding superfoods, such as cinnamon, flaxseeds, and turmeric, that I mention in more detail in my smoothie for 5:2 fast days here.

If you feel really brave, you can use this recipe as a guide for a 3-5 juice fast like the one I tried out in the Spring.  But don't do it in the winter, it's way too harsh, and make sure to first read this blog, here, as it was hard, hard, hard, even in the Spring!

Ingredients are listed below. Enjoy. 

INGREDIENTS (organic when possible)

1-2 sticks of celery 

1 red or yellow de-seeded pepper/capsicum

Small handful of spinach

1/2 bulb fennel

1 carrot

1 small beetroot

1 piece of ginger 

And anything else you fancy that's juiceable!

Let me know how you go and what you put in your juice?  Always love hearing from you.  And don't forget there's a new drop down menu at the top where you can find plenty of other smoothies and juices if you need more ideas.




Five style rules to break & five style tips to try.

Five style rules to break & five style tips to try.

Nasturtium cheese spread.

Nasturtium cheese spread.