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Summer in Autumn/Fall - on a budget.

This is one of the last summer outfits I wore during our really mild early autumn. Wearing sandals at the end of September - what a treat!

Of course, there was the inevitable chill when the sun hid, but I have learned over the years to pack leggings & a vest in my huge bag so I am never caught out during those seasonal changes. Like a girl Scout I am always prepared for fluctuating temperatures, carting around stuff I can take off or put on!

My three favourite summer dresses.

I've had a video made called 'Suzi's Wardrobe'.  Click on the photo below. Thought you'd find it a bit of an insight into what I am about style-wise & how I hang on to some stuff for decades just updating the old with new accessories to get a vintage & retro look without spending much money…