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My three favourite summer dresses.

My three favourite summer dresses.

I've had a video made called 'Suzi's Wardrobe'.  Click on the photo below. Thought you'd find it a bit of an insight into what I am about style-wise & how I hang on to some stuff for decades just updating the old with new accessories to get a vintage & retro look without spending much money.  Hope it inspires you!  

Also take a look at how I get into my 'wardrobe' right at the beginning of the video.  The sliding doors were driving me mad 'cause I always wanted something in another part of the cupboard. Slide open....slide shut.....slide open another door......slide shut! You know the sort of thing.  So my top tip to share with you is what I did.  I bought a roller blind for the entire length of the cupboard! It's easier, cost about a third of sliding doors and looks amazing. 

Photographs and details of the outfits follow on after the video.  Enjoy. And, as usual, would love to hear from you. Harriet Jackman shot and edited this video for me.  Clever girl!

So here are some of the outfits that Harriet Jackman filmed so beautifully, in still form.  Casual, dressy, & vintage. The first outfit is a very cheap dress that I found in a market in Brighton many years ago, made by Nomads.  It is one of my favourite summer dresses because it's got lining, so is a bit warmer, and I always get compliments when I wear it because of the colours.  It's one of my 'lucky' dresses & I wear it for casual days out when the weather's behaving.

This one was photographed for me by my cousin Becka Archer. Thank you. No one comes to this house and gets away with just lunch!

I've dressed this up with a bangle, bought from a market for £2, a vintage looking silk headscarf, found for a fiver in Montenegro, vintage sunglasses from Fabulous Fanny's in NYC, a beautiful cashmere cardi from Boden (they often have a sale on), and my sparkly, but very comfortable,FitFlop sandals. Matching toe nails were a happy co-incidence! 

The next dress is a wonderful vintage, original 50s dress that a dear friend gifted me. So there is little I can tell you about it except to say I love it and it looks great with a pop of colour, hence the little orange bag. I would wear this for a smarter, day time event, like a vintage fair or a tea party. Don't you just love those 50s buttons on the front? Again, the tinted specs, frames only, were found very reasonably at Fabulous Fanny's in NYC.  That was a lucky find.

And finally, my one purchase this summer: a smart, lined black and white dress for outings like Goodwood Races, where I was as warm as toast this year, because it's lined! The dress is by James Lakeland & I bought in Indigo, in a sale!

 You know how much I love colour but black and white looks very classy for the odd summer event, especially dressed up with a hat. You can see the dressed up version on my post about Three Friday Nights at Goodwood.

This is the dressed down version:  vintage sunglasses, gifted to me years ago, a monochrome head scarf from the high street, a big silver bangle from, believe it or not, the shop at the National Portrait Gallery & my lovely little silver sneakers found at yet another market in Australia! Look whose photo bombing one of the shots.

So hope you enjoyed my three favourite dresses for summer: the cheap, the vintage & the designer.  As usual, I would love to hear what you're wearing during this very changeable summer and how you're coping with our four seasons in one day!

See you next time. 

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