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Goodwood: DJs, dancing & dressing up.

You probably know by now that, despite my age, I love "raving".  Nothing makes me happier than loud dance music DJ'd by a Famous where I can dance my socks off and forget my ageing bones!  Fortunately, one of my oldest school friends, Dalia, also loves dancing and, even more fortunately for me, she's a Goodwood Member of the Richmond Enclosure, which means we can have a rave night in total comfort!

My three favourite summer dresses.

I've had a video made called 'Suzi's Wardrobe'.  Click on the photo below. Thought you'd find it a bit of an insight into what I am about style-wise & how I hang on to some stuff for decades just updating the old with new accessories to get a vintage & retro look without spending much money…