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Update on Suzi's Smoothie for fast days.

Here's a quick update on my last video & blog on how to make my daily health smoothie.  This is a great replacement for meals on fast days, if you're following the 5:2 diet, and will keep you going for hours. And it is full of huge health benefits.  If you're an intermittent faster, or want to be, I do it the easy way: a light meal the night before by 7.00 pm latest, the smoothie as late as possible the next morning (around 11.00 a.m.) a very light low calorie snack, such as a banana or boiled egg, at tea time and then a light meal, such as loads of veg and a small portion of protein, in the evening at 7.00 pm.  That's 500 calories in 24 hours and you've done a 16 hour pure fast without even trying. Two days a week, too easy!

Eat your way out of The Menopause - Before During & After

My favourite saying at the moment is: “it's never too early or too late to start."  Anything!  So, whether you're 35 or 55 I want to share  my experience of twenty years, practising as a nutritionist, to help you eat your way through a symptom-free menopause.  By incorporating just 8 foods you may not have tried before, I hope to help you avoid the worst of the flushes/flashes and all that comes with The Change…