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Magnesium, the mother of all minerals.

When I trained as a Nutritionist, oh so many years ago, one of the first things we were taught was how important magnesium is for every single cell in the body, as well as every single woman on the planet! Fast-forward 20 years and I have to admit that although I am really good about having regular Epsom Salts Baths to get some of that magnesium into my body via the skin, & eating my green veg., I am not so good at taking supplements.

How to make a quick juice.

Here's a quick video of what I put in my juice.  This is the recipe that I find easy & quick as well as giving me my five portions of VEG & one portion of fruit a day - at least! This health in a glass will give you a huge boost of nutrients to set you up for the day with minimum natural sugar.  Plus you can also add some extra health benefits by chucking it in a blender and adding superfoods, such as cinnamon, flaxseeds, and turmeric, that I mention in more detail in my smoothie for 5:2 fast days here.

A healthy summer salad that takes 2 minutes!

You probably know by now that I love quinoa and that the kid folk at Quinola Mothergrain are enabling me to feed my addiction with a regular supply of red, black and plain quinoa. I'm not just saying it's the best I've ever eaten 'cause it's free, it really is the nicest quinoa I have ever cooked - and I have done vats of the stuff in the past - and this one never looks like frogs spawn or goes all slimy like so many others do!

How hard is a juice fast?

We think nothing of taking our cars in to have an annual service so why don't we do this for our bodies?  I am such a fan of Intermittent Fasting and, in particular, Doctor Valter Longo's latest research into ageing & longevity, (and how important a 5 day fast is at least once a year), that I decided to take myself off to a detox retreat to do a 5 day juice fast, something I find impossible to do at home for that long, despite being able to carry out the 5:2 very easily. My car had an annual service, now it was my turn!

Easy, quick turmeric tea recipe

There is so much around on the net at the moment about the benefits of turmeric taken as a tea (ALWAYS with a little black pepper to increase its bioavailability) that I wanted to share one with you that is really quick, easy and has some added extras for optimum health. It's also dairy free. You can make the tea hot or cold but as I don't like tea of any description I make mine as a cold drink (body temperature).  The first attempt wasn't as bad as I an easy to swallow health can see my first try in the  video at the end.

Vegan, detox smoothie.

Now it's warming up in the Northern Hemisphere, here's a detox smoothie you might like to try, which I've been enjoying whilst living in Byron Bay.  It contains many of the ingredients I have included in other smoothies before but this one has a couple of new additions that help with detoxing, add extra health benefits, and is totally vegan.  Most of all it's quick and easy.