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Goodwood Revival, 2017.

We were unlucky, for my first Goodwood Revival, torrential rain showers, wind & mud on the first day of this famous 3 day Festival!  Everyone dresses in vintage for this important date in the calendar - some wisely put carrier bags around their vintage shoes!  So glad I took my 50s coat and wore little pink socks to keep my footsies warm.  As for my hair, the gorgeous housewife curls I had done especially for the day, drooped within a couple of hours!

Eat, Drink, Sleep, Walk: in Bournemouth!

This summer I, plus one, was invited by the Bournemouth Tourist Office to spend a couple of days in the jewel of Britain's South Coast.  My parents used to holiday in Bournemouth, in the 50s, so I have wonderful memories of playing on the lovely sandy beach there. And hot summers|!  Despite living in pebbly Brighton, down the road, I still go back whenever I can. The last time was a couple of years ago, on my own, to see Noel Gallagher in concert. More on that trip here.

Being a MOD for the day!

Every August Bank Holiday weekend in Brighton, thousands of parka wearing, scooter riding men & women come to town for Modculture.  For those too young to remember, the Mods & Rockers of the 60's used to meet up (and sometimes fight) here on the South Coast: the former on scooters & the latter on motor bikes. (If you want to know more about that era a great movie to watch is Quadrophenia). 

Meet Jack, my jack russell/poodle dog.

I don't know why I haven't done a blog post featuring my fur baby but I had the perfect excuse this week to take some photos of him after Scandisysters (an awesome collective of creative Swedish women) very kindly sent me this gorgeous, faux fur, weather proof rug for him to rest his weary paws on.  Made by Monimo of Sweden, the blanket is waterproof, wind proof, and washable and Jack just loves it - especially on the beach. 

How to enjoy gigs on your own!

As a single, at the moment, I have grown used to going to the occasional movie on my own & travelling solo.  I also live on my own, with my fur baby, and grew up as an "only" child till my brother suddenly appeared when I was nine! This has made me fiercely independent and very happy with my own company, apart from eating dinner out on my own which I have ranted about here. 

A lovely day out in Rye, East Sussex.

Visiting Rye seems to be becoming an annual event!  I went with a friend last year and this month I took a friend visiting from Australia.  Yet again, we had the very best of days.  Enjoy the photo which will, hopefully, remind you of this beautiful little town or inspire you to add it to your "to do" list!