Wrinkly chest and neck be gone!

(This is a sponsored post but all views are my own and, as you know, I only work with brands that share my ethics and that I would want to buy anyway. )

Did you know your neck (and chest in my case) ages twenty times faster than your face? Tell me about it! I have always worn sunscreen on my face and chest but the crepiness and lines on this thinnest part of the body seem to be unavoidable at any age post 45. despite feeding my skin from the inside out and the outside in as well as using every natural pro-ageing tool known to man! (Some useful top tips coming up.) So when I was asked to try PRAI serum and cream for the neck and decolletage and promised results in as little as a week, I was just a little sceptical.
But just look at the results of these before and after pics taken only one week apart with absolutely no editing involved. I was so staggered by the results I just had to shout about PRAI from the rooftops plus, the product fits my, and your, fussy criteria: cruelty-free, parabens free, vegan, and it's reasonably priced! I like that it's called Ageless as opposed to Anti-Ageing (or Anti-Aging depending on where you live!) Plus it's got the Good Housekeeping Institute seal of approval for 2018.
(I look so miserable in the first photo, maybe PRAI can get right on it and come up with a cream for those lip lines as well!) So how on earth does it work? I was supplied with two products to use consecutively: The Ageless Throat & Decolletage Serum followed by the Ageless Throat & Decolletage Cremeboth working to eliminate double chins, droopy jowls, turkey neck as well as decolletage. So how does it work?


 The serum's main ingredient is Goldenrod Extract (an antioxidant botanical) to help strengthen and improve the skin. 


  • Goldenrod Extract: strengthens and improves the skin while protecting it from free radicals and the environment.  
  • Hematite Extract: rich in iron which helps boost collagen production for improved tone and texture. 
  • Red algae:  binds water to the skin, increasing hydration levels
  •  PRAI oil: smooths and softens skin.

Morning and evening, blend into cleansed, toned skin with gentle upward strokes from cleavage to chin. (How To Video coming up.) It's got three roller balls in the tube, which really helps with gliding the serum over the skin without stretching it. 


The creme contains the unique ingredient Sepilift DPHP™ which has been proven to restore elasticity and support the skin's collagen, as well as firming.  There are also some lovely natural key ingredients to help keep the skin supple and reduce the signs of aging......


  • SEPILIFT DPHP™ to restore elasticity and support skin’s collagen
  • Mulberry, Saxifrage and Grapeseed Extracts: to brighten skin and help with discoloration and age spots. 
  • Hyaluronic Acid, Squalene & Glycerin: to keep skin supple and reduce ageing signs
  • Shea Butter: hydrates and moisturizes.  
  • Vitamins A, E, and F protect and rejuvenate
  • PRAI Oil: for a smooth and supple skin

Using the same upward strokes from cleavage to chin, apply the creme morning and evening, after your shower or bath. (All explained in the Video below)



And, as well as nice, natural ingredients, the founder of PRAI, Cathy Kangus, is a respected, animal welfare advocate so, apart from not testing on animals, PRAI also gives a proportion of all its sales to animal charities around the world. That makes me, as an animal lover and charity supporter, very happy.

And, talking of sales, this a very reasonably priced product considering what it delivers. You can buy the cream online and in M&Sand the products range from £20 to £50. In my books, that's a bargain for a younger looking chest in just 7 days! Just in time to hit the beach. Salon treatments cost way more than that and don't last as long.


Meanwhile, there are a couple of other d.i.y things that you can do at home to improve your skin's texture, cellulite, and wobbly bits on the rest of your body.  One of the very best for health and beauty has just got to be skin brushing.  You don't need to skin brush for the PRAI products to work but there are some really good reasons to add this beauty habit to your beauty regime, especially for your thighs, your health and to re-capture that elusive glow............










The skin is our largest organ and, just like the kidneys, liver, and colon, it is an eliminating organ that gets rid of more than half a kilo (a pound) of waste and toxins each and every day.

If the skin gets choked up by millions of dead cells and clogged pores, those toxins and impurities will stay in the body.  That equals dull skin, dimply thighs & puckered upper arms. And a sluggish lymph which equals a sluggish immune system.

This is a really simple, quick and effective technique that will give your skin help eliminating that waste, via the lymphatic system, (think of it as similar to the guttering of a house) which will improve your immunity & the appearance of your skin big time.  I was told by a very experienced beauty salon owner that daily skin brushing is the only way to get cellulite-free thighs permanently and she's spent years selling seaweed wraps etc! 

Here's a little video to show you how to skin brush (done before your shower with no clothes on!) and how to apply the PRAI products (after your shower in the morning and again at night for best results.)



And, finally, don't forget to feed your skin with the right nutrients to help it age well from the inside. The best foods for your skin, according to recent research and in order of importance are: Swiss chard, spinach, carrot, yellow or orange pepper, & a handful of berries, especially blueberries. Preferably raw for max health & skin benefits. You can find lots of smoothie recipes & juices if you click here. 

Meanwhile, I am in love with my PRAI products and actually now have a panic attack if I run out!   No wonder M&S keeps selling out of it.......now I understand why.  And the good news is I am trialing another new cream by PRAI for my crepey upper arms.  And skin brushing!  Will report back soon.

Please let me know if you buy it and try it and do send me your before and after photos.  And let me know if you try any of my other suggestions for healthier looking skin. Can't wait to hear!