Goodwood - I'm only here for the dancing!

One of my summer highlights is going to the Three Friday Nights at Goodwood: eating, drinking, racing & raving!  After seeing the Rolling Stones gathering absolutely no moss at their gig this year, I am even more determined that I will keep dancing no matter how old I am.  And there's nowhere better than this event 'cause it's outdoors, no one can see how old you are by the time the DJ starts, and you can have a flutter on the horses, have a fab meal or picnic, and get to dress up.

This is our 4th year, me and my bezza from school, Dalia, and we went to not one but two Friday evenings this year 'cause I wanted to see both Rudimental and Example. Not bad for two oldies eh?!  The weather couldn't have been more different, as you'll see from the highlights, hope you enjoy......... 

The first evening was a very cool, grey we ate and drank in one of the lovely posh restaurants and ignored the weather by drinking and eating for Britain (we were served high tea as well as the most delicious lunch) so were glad of the chance to dance it all off later on!  The "evening" starts at 4.30 so that's a lot of food before 9.00 pm!!!

That's Dalia above who, luckily for me, gets a membership for Goodwood every year so we get into the Richmond Enclosure and can park easily.  But the great thing about the Friday Nights, apart from the music, is that the evening isn't as dressy as other race days.  No hat needed, which was a relief on the first evening as it was so blowey!  As for the other outfits people were wearing........suffice to say it was Half Term and we were both wandering around the whole evening saying, "she'll catch her death in that!"

It was such crappy weather that I couldn't even photograph our own outfits let alone the other Goodwood punters. You can see more of my vintage style dress here.  But, despite the weather, we did have a brilliant time, won a bit of money on the gee gees (don't really approve but it's not the Grand National), had a lovely dinner and danced our socks off to Rudimental. The post I put on Instagram says it all doesn't it!

 Never too old to rave!

Never too old to rave!

A week later and we did it all again!  But this time the sun shone, it was warm, but not too hot, and we took a picnic - sort of! 

 Dalia with her m & s salad!

Dalia with her m & s salad!

Our makeshift picnic was from M & S but it was just perfect.  And in the same car park we spied a wonderful vintage Triumph which we just had to use for a photo shoot as Dalia is just brilliant at capturing the moment and my outfits. This is another of my favourite vintage style dresses from I Love Your Look Clothing, last year's collection. (You might spot me "modelling" if you go on their site!) I finished the look off with my vintage headscarf and sunnies, the most gorgeous necklace from L.A. (under £30) and my ancient pink brogues for sheer comfort! Oh and I added a bright pink 50s petticoat! And just wait till you see my 50s style mac...........

Why am I wearing a mac in this glorious weather?  Well, with the UK weather the way it is, I jumped at the offer of a 50s style mac to go with all my 50s style dresses when Elements Rainwear offered to make me one in time for the British Summer.  I loved it so much I had to take it to Goodwood, in case it rained or got chilly, and actually did get to wear it once the sun went down.  It was much admired and a huge hit with lots of the youngsters into vintage.  

Elements are a bit of a special, small UK brand, which is why I want to support them.  They hand make all their macs, preserving the traditional methods of production, re-cycle all the cut offs and this one was made from their newest material: extra soft pink pearlised called PIP2.  Considering how beautiful they look and feel they're not a bad price either, ranging from £50 upwards (mine was £64).  They make non-vintage style as well and I for one will be taking this gorgeous mac with me everywhere this summer whenever it's likely to rain and I am wearing 50's style.  Goodwood Revival comes to mind!  (you can see last year's sodden adventure here!)  

The youngsters (and a couple of oldies) were wearing some fabulous frocks on this sunny day and we even bumped into some girls we met last year who were enjoying a bit of a hen party.  The look great but there were also some really ghastly outfits, which I didn't photograph.......why oh why do youngsters try and emulate Kim Kardashian and just look wrong?  Do I sound old? That's because I am!

Here are some of the more tasteful outfits, including my elegant Italian friend Dalia;


You can see more gorgeous outfits on my other Goodwood posts. Just pop Goodwood into the Search bar, on the right, if you want to see the last four years of this event, at the risk of boring you! You'll notice that the outfits become less and less formal from 2015 to 2018.

Of course most people go to the Three Friday Nights at Goodwood for a bet or two.  I had a wonderful win on the last race with Supernova because I love Oasis and this is the first time I have actually got a shot of my winning horse! Do you go by the name only if you bet?

Our splendid day ended with an awesome sunset and we were ready to hit the dance floor........

I have to say, as an ex-raver, Example was the best DJ we've danced to for the last four years and we had an absolute ball.  It was a perfect ending to a perfect day.  And if you're thinking that you are way too old to join us next year just remember that the Rolling Stones are having the time of their lives on stage and in their mid-70's. When a middle-aged lady asked me, in that patronising tone, 'are you going to stay for the dancing?', I replied that I was only there for the dancing!!! As long as I can walk I will be on that dance floor.  Anyone joining me?

 Dance time at Goodwood, Three Friday Nights, Example & Rudimental.

Dance time at Goodwood, Three Friday Nights, Example & Rudimental.