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My favourite skincare products, night & morning.

Just a quick post to share the best skincare products I've found for my skin.  I'm a great believer in ageless ageing and that 'natural' is the only way to go - so far!  Regular facials, plenty of sleep, exercise, water, healthy food, and staying out of the sun, plus good skin care, should help keep the cosmetic doctor at bay……..

Wrinkly chest and neck be gone!

Did you know your neck (and chest in my case) ages twenty times faster than your face? Tell me about it!  I have always worn sunscreen on my face and chest but the crepiness and lines on this thinnest part of the body seem to be unavoidable at any age post 45. So when I was asked to try a new serum and cream for the neck and decolletage and promised results in as little as a week, I was just a little sceptical…………