Easy, quick, Caesar Salad recipe........

You've probably seen my hilarious attempt to make a Caesar Salad while under the influence of pink gin! I've put the video link below but here's the proper, sober recipe in full, in case you want to try it........

 Yummy, quick and easy Caesar Salad with original dressing.

Yummy, quick and easy Caesar Salad with original dressing.


A cooked chicken, stripped into small pieces

2 little gem lettuces, or a romaine lettuce

6 fresh or tinned anchovies

Grated cheese, (preferably parmesan), fried new potatoes or croutons

DRESSING - this was introduced on TV by Rick Stein who has actually been to the original Caesars Restaurant in Mexico.  As usual, I've probably added something to the original! But this is creamy, yummy and if you're watching the calories you can just eat the greens on their own with this dressing as a small meal. 

1 egg yolk

Lemon juice, to taste

Anchovy paste, tiny bit

Mustard, half a teaspoon

Worcester sauce, a couple of glugs

Olive oil, to taste

That's it.  As I say in the video: easy peasy, lemon squeezy!  Which it wasn't because of the state I was in, but it should amuse as it got a bit messy after all that pink gin............

As usual, please add a comment if the video makes you laugh or you try the recipe.

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