My favourite skincare products, night & morning.

 A rare selfie of me without a scrap of make-up! 

A rare selfie of me without a scrap of make-up! 

Just a quick post to share the best skincare products I've found for my skin.  I'm a great believer in ageless ageing and that 'natural' is the only way to go - so far!  Regular facials, plenty of sleep, exercise, water, healthy food, and staying out of the sun, plus good skin care, should help keep the cosmetic doctor at bay. So, here's a short video showing you what I do night and morning with a list of the products and top tips below. 

My favourite products, night:


Hypo-allergenic Simple eye makeup remover, available at most chemists/pharmacies.

Clarins One-Step Facial Cleanser, available at Boots & department stores.

Juno 100% Natural Skincare: Eternelle Extremely Hydrating Moisturiser.

PRAI Ageless Throat & Decolletage Creme, see my post on how it worked in just 7 days, here,  showing my trial and extra tips on skin brushing for a beautiful body. 

For the morning, I use most of the same products with one addition: I just slap on Sarah Chapman Skinesis Dynamic Defence, on my face as a moisturiser because it offers 15 SPF protection.  It's perfect for when I'm rushing out the door with no makeup.  This brand also has a new tinted moisturiser with 30 SPF.  More to come on another makeup blog.

 Sarah Chapman Dynamic Defence Moisturiser

Sarah Chapman Dynamic Defence Moisturiser

For a once a year treat, I also use a non-abrasive Retinol Serum.  I tried the Institut Esthederm Serum for 3 months on the worst of my lines and it certainly softened around my lips and improved my skin's texture.  Well worth a go, especially if you don't have regular facials. You can purchase it on-line here, not a bad price either for a once a year skin boost.

My before and after photos don't really do it justice, but take it from me it's well worth spending a bit extra on an annual skin treat. I really must learn to do proper Before and After photos!

 Institut Esthederm intensive Retinol

Institut Esthederm intensive Retinol



Recent research suggests that these are the best foods, in order of importance, for feeding your skin from the inside, so make sure to incorporate as many as possible into your daily eating plan.  This link will also take you to some of my favourite smoothies & juices so you can add these skin foods to them. And if you're not into smoothies or juices just get them onto your plate, raw or steamed, and into your daily meals:

Swiss chard, spinach, carrot, yellow or orange pepper, a handful of berries, blueberries are the top of the list for skin, plus an apple or pear, a dessert spoon of chia seeds, & a dessert spoon of golden flaxseeds which keep your colon moving. A healthy colon means healthy skin! 


Some of my past posts will give you more top tips on how to have more beautiful skin, so have a peruse to see if anything else can help you.  Click here. It also includes my first skin care video from the start of the blog, which should amuse, especially putting my face in a bowl of freezing cold water!


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