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Cheats smoothie!

Are you time short at the moment?  I certainly am!  The run up to Christmas, whether you are going away or staying at home, is just manic isn't it?  It's also very cold in the UK at the moment so the thought of juicing green veg is just not making my body feel happy, let alone the time it takes. So, I have been doing a very lazy, quick version of my usual health packed smoothie which I hope will help you too get through the busy period, and beyond, with all the nutrients your body needs to fight exhaustion and stress. And it takes no time at all.

Eat your way out of The Menopause - Before During & After

My favourite saying at the moment is: “it's never too early or too late to start."  Anything!  So, whether you're 35 or 55 I want to share  my experience of twenty years, practising as a nutritionist, to help you eat your way through a symptom-free menopause.  By incorporating just 8 foods you may not have tried before, I hope to help you avoid the worst of the flushes/flashes and all that comes with The Change…