Magnesium, the mother of all minerals.

When I trained as a Nutritionist, oh so many years ago, one of the first things we were taught was how important magnesium is for every single cell in the body, as well as every single woman on the planet! Fast-forward 20 years and I have to admit that although I am really good about having regular Epsom Salts Baths to get some of that magnesium into my body via the skin, & eating my green veg., I am not so good at taking supplements.

Five style rules to break & five style tips to try.

As summer rolls swiftly towards autumn/fall, I am wearing my shorts as often as possible, no matter what people say I should or shouldn't be wearing.  A woman over 60 wearing shorts???!!! The very thought of it.  Well, I happen to like the sun on my limbs and I want all the Vitamin D I can lap up before Winter emerges. I don't care whether I'm deemed too old to wear something I love, as long as I look in the mirror and feel good about whatever I'm wearing.  Nor should you. So that's one extra style rule (no doubt published somewhere for the Over 50s) that I'm willing to break, wobbly thighs or no wobbly thighs. (And they're wobbly, trust me!)

How to make a quick juice.

Here's a quick video of what I put in my juice.  This is the recipe that I find easy & quick as well as giving me my five portions of VEG & one portion of fruit a day - at least! This health in a glass will give you a huge boost of nutrients to set you up for the day with minimum natural sugar.  Plus you can also add some extra health benefits by chucking it in a blender and adding superfoods, such as cinnamon, flaxseeds, and turmeric, that I mention in more detail in my smoothie for 5:2 fast days here.

Nasturtium cheese spread.

This year, for the first time, I grew nasturtiums in my herb pot and got into adding the lovely peppery leaves to my meals.  The leaves and the flowers are both edible: the leaves give you a big boost of Vitamin C and the flowers just make the food look so pretty. So a double whammy. (You can buy edible nasturtiums in most stores when they are in season, in the summer)

Orange is the new black!

You may have seen this jumpsuit on my Instagram feed recently.  I bought it for an absolute song (about $40) at Trash in Byron Bay and, weather permitting, love wearing it in the UK.  One pieces are an absolute pain when you need a wee in a hurry but I am loving this colourful retro look styled up with a pre-loved headscarf & vintage sunnies (both from Trash) and the necklace from Ghost and Lola .

Meet Jack, my jack russell/poodle dog.

I don't know why I haven't done a blog post featuring my fur baby but I had the perfect excuse this week to take some photos of him after Scandisysters (an awesome collective of creative Swedish women) very kindly sent me this gorgeous, faux fur, weather proof rug for him to rest his weary paws on.  Made by Monimo of Sweden, the blanket is waterproof, wind proof, and washable and Jack just loves it - especially on the beach.